Metro Park Chelyuskintsev subway station, 1-one-bedroom apartment for rent in Minsk, Kalinina street, house number 24

Cozy 1 bedroom apartment for rent as apartments for one night or for several days. Location - 5 minutes walk from the Metro Park Chelyuskintsev. Not far from the main street of our city, celebrated Independence Avenue. Beautiful scenery, proximity to the park. By choosing our apartment, you will choose the opportunity with gusto, useful and informative to spend their free time, walking through the park.

In this apartment has everything you need for your comfort and convenience: TV, DVD, microwave oven, washing machine, dryer and iron. The apartment imeesya new set of dishes, tea and coffee. We take care of you by providing excellent quality bed linen and towels, there are hygiene items.

To our valued customers, we offer excellent pricing flexibility. We take care of booking and registration of the reporting documents. Only at us fast clock settlement. Affordable and decent.

We will meet you at the airport. Let your stay in Minsk will be our concern!

Additional Info

  • City: Minsk
  • St. Subway: Park Cheljuskincev
  • Address (st., house, apt.): Kalinina street, house number 24
  • Landmark: Park Chelyuskintsev
  • Rooms: 1
  • Sleeping places: 3
  • Repairs: excellent condition
  • Furniture: new double bed, sofa, coffee table, kitchen cabinets.
  • Home appliances: 3G internet, TV, DVD, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, hair dryer, iron.
  • Floor / Total floors in the house: 1/4
  • Price per night (cu): 40
  • Price per hour (cu): 15
  • Contact person (name): Berezovskaya Ekaterina
  • Phones (specify that you are calling from LUKS.BY): +375-29-326-54-91 +375-29-565-76-77
  • UNP: 191323877
  • E-mail / ICQ / Skype (check that you have come from LUKS.BY): / no / l_bereza
  • Additional Information: intercom, metal entrance door, windows, cabinets coupe.
  • Additional services: Transfer (airport pickup), a translator from English.
Phones (specify that you are calling from LUKS.BY):
+375-29-326-54-91 +375-29-565-76-77
Price per night : 40 USD
Apartment ID 97

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