As I rented an apartment for a day

Masha and we've been together for two years. It is true that relationships are not officially registered. Wonderful girl, you want to constantly surprise and delight. Yes, and it bored if it does not spoil constant surprises.

By the memorable date "2 years together," I decided to go originally, it was necessary to come up with something different, new, to surprise the favorite. Noisy discos and crowded restaurants are not attracted to, because wanted to spend a night together only in private. Invite Masha home, I also could not, because I live with my parents in a small three-room apartment. A variant to spend time in nature is not suitable, because the street the month of October. Asked for advice from a friend, he said he had heard that the agency can rent an apartment for a day and spend a romantic evening. Without hesitation, I took advantage of this interesting idea.

They suggested that I tell in what kind of house I want to arrange a night, was asked to designate a reasonable amount, number of rooms, area. I opted for the excellent two-room apartment in a quiet Uruchcha. Immediately looked at her that there was no doubt about it. My Mary romantic, so I'd like to please its uniqueness and beauty of the apartment. Attracted me was that the apartment in classic style: the old, like the palace furniture, paintings on the walls, a fireplace, and beside it a carpet on the floor. The apartment is very clean, cozy and clean. I would like to invite Masha on Friday evening to Saturday to spend too together. So pay attention to the presence of an electric kettle, hair dryer, coffee maker, combine. All of this technology was new and serviceable. There was also a new clean bedding and towels. In general, I had to worry only about what would come up with such interesting for Masha, because the interior design and fully satisfy my questions. In addition, the windows of the bedroom opened chic landscape of the park Uruchcha. I paid for a flat $ 70.

On Friday, we came with Masha in Uruchcha. Moreover, all the way, I did not tell her where we were going and why. Upon entering the apartment, my girlfriend literally speechless with surprise and joy. The entire perimeter of the fireplace I put candles on the carpet and put fresh roses ...

In general, we spent an unforgettable evening and a terrific morning together. Now I know that the apartment at night - it's a great way not only for tourists and those who come on business, but simply to make a pleasant surprise your loved one.

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