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Oktyabrskaya Subway station, 3-three-bedroom apartment for rent in Minsk, Nezavisimosti Avenue, house number 12

Oktyabrskaya Subwa…

150 у.е.

Luxurious elite VIP - apartment in the historic center of Minsk! Exclusive repair, ex...

Lenina Square Subway station, 4-four-bedroom apartment for rent in Minsk, Nezavisimosti Avenue, house number 12

Lenina Square Subw…

260 у.е.

Luxurious elite VIP-apartment in the historic center of Minsk! Exclusive repair, expe...

Plowad Lenina subway station, 2-two-bedroom apartment for rent in Minsk, Sverdlova street,  house number 24

Plowad Lenina subw…

120 у.е.

Rent one-bedroom apartment VIP Sverdlov Street. VIP. Metro Station Lenin Sq...

Станция метро Могилевская, 10-десятикомнатная квартира на сутки в Минске, проспект Партизанский

Станция метро Моги…

500 у.е.

Сдается 10 - комнатный коттедж. Конец Партизанского проспекта, около станции метро Мо...

Место свободно

Место свободно

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Место свободно

Место свободно

Для добавления связывайтесь с нами через раздел сайта - Контакты.

Oktyabrskaya Subway station, 3-three-bedroom apartment for rent in Minsk, Karl Marx Street, house number 21

Oktyabrskaya Subwa…

160 у.е.

Description of apartment: Luxury VIP apartment-studio. The entrance door to door meta...

Nemiga Subway station, 2-two-bedroom apartment for rent in Minsk, Romanov Sloboda street, house number 1

Nemiga Subway stat…

160 у.е.

2 - bedroomed apartment located on the street Romanov Sloboda, a house in the city ce...

Lenina Square Subway station, 2-two-bedroom apartment for rent in Minsk, Kirova Street, house number 1

Lenina Square Subw…

115 у.е.

Vip 2 room apartment is perfectly suited for people who value quality and luxury. Fl...

Academiya Nauk subway station, 1-one-bedroom apartment for rent in Minsk, Nezavisimosci avenue,  house number 87

Academiya Nauk sub…

60 у.е.

Rent a comfortable and convenient one-room apartment in Minsk. The apartmen...

Pobedy square subway station, 1-one-bedroom apartment for rent in Minsk, Independence Avenue, house number  31

Pobedy square subw…

40 у.е.

A neat, comfortable, clean, one-bedroom apartment in the center. Located on Victory ...

Pobedy square subway station, one-bedroom apartment for rent in Minsk, Frunze street, house number 9

Pobedy square subw…

150 у.е.

Rent 1 - bedroom apartment located on the street Frunze the house 9 in the city cente...

Станция метро Академия наук, квартира на сутки в Минске, студия, улица Беды, дом 29

Станция метро Акад…

300 у.е.

100 кв.м. Квартира студия. Джакузи. Отдельный гараж. Охраняемая территория - заезд по...

Место для рекламы - сдаётся

New. Search Apartments on the map.

Место для рекламы - сдаётся

Dear visitors of the web site LUKS.BY, we sincerely welcome you to our website and hope that the website will help you find exactly the holiday apartment you are looking for.

Two words about the apartments at night:

Apartment for rent in Minsk, and rent (apartments or rooms to be submitted to rest for one day, one night accommodation, or just for a short time - hourly rental apartments) violently entered our lives as an alternative to hotels. The main argument of apartments for a day - it's low price and high quality service. Apartments in contrast to hotels and hotels you can find almost any flavor, in any area of the city (as in the center and a residential area) and on any budget. Today, the daily cost of apartments varies from 20 to 200 dollars, that is, there you can choose how cheap and expensive apartments. On the market there is a large number of economy class apartments and flats increased level of comfort. This so-called luxury apartments VIP, Deluxe and business class hotel in the center of Minsk. Across the city, without intermediaries to give up today about 400 - 450 apartments, which in itself is no small achievement for Minsk. The increased demand for this kind of service has generated rapid growth of this market, both in Minsk and other Belarusian cities.

Thus, the advantages of apartments at night:

- Low price (today it is very cheap and inexpensive);

- Quality of service;

- The possibility of living in almost every part of town (near any metro station);

- A choice of apartments on their own in any style and any interior (for example, you can find an inexpensive two-level apartment);

- The possibility of finding an apartment is almost always free, 365 days a year;

- The possibility to rent an apartment for an hour - hourly rental;

- The possibility of obtaining all the necessary accounting documents on a business trip;

- The possibility to order a meeting with the railway station and airport;

- Almost every day there is an apartment on the Internet, computer, iron and many other household appliances, and sometimes even a fireplace, dishwasher and air conditioning;

- Through the Internet site you will be able to successfully carry out the procedure for booking online and book your favorite apartment you like via the Internet site and by telephone and without pre-payment - the reservation will be for you;

But worse than the hotel apartments (flats)?

  1. If the hotel room is a room with private toilet and bath, the apartment is sure to be a loggia + kitchen + hall, as well as washing machine and a host of additional "bonuses" that gets the lodger at the time of rest;
  2. The apartment on the day there is no set schedule of eviction. You are free to make eviction proceedings at any time convenient for you, which makes the stay more comfortable and therefore free;
  3. Number of guests in the apartment is not limited in contrast to hotels. So in a hotel room can not reside at the same time a 2-tenants.
  4. Apartments can be rented for 1 - 2 hours a day, and hotel rooms do not give up on 1 - 2 hours.
  5. And finally, you may cause to your room 24 hours a day. The hotel also your guests will have to present documents and marked on the ground floor reception, as well as to leave the hotel until 23:00.

Our story would not be complete if we did not mention the hundreds of websites classified ads (nasutki.by, vdomik.by, hata.by, ugol.by, kvartirant.by, kva.by), which are full and the headings " To rent apartment in Minsk, "" Rent an apartment for rent in Minsk, "" Daily expensive and not without intermediaries "," Check 24 hours a day, "" From the host "," No agency, "" apartment for a day Frunze district, "and even" The day for the company. " Such a huge demand for daily rental pulled a huge amount of web sites that post the hundreds of ads for the surrender of apartments every day. In this site and this site is - luxury. Bay, where you are now.

In the end it should be noted that the rent for a day - it's cheap (and therefore very profitable), and the quality of rest in the apartments is not inferior to hotels, even in such procedures as the booking and transfer, you can also order the landlord.

We wish you a good time

Minsk - the capital of Belarus!

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