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LUKS. BY - About the project

LU KS . BY - A unique Internet-Belarusian project, which brought together the most comprehensive database of proposals to deliver the "flats for a day" in Minsk and other Belarusian cities. On the site visitors will find not only the largest number of proposals for short term rental apartments, but also detailed information on each listed apartments.


The portal LU KS . BY, you can:

- Add your property;

- Find the latest proposals for the delivery of apartments for days from all cities of Belarus;

- Compare prices on offer to you an apartment;

- Choose the best offer;

- Leave your comment on a particular apartment;

- Get the most accurate information about market "apartments on the day in your city;

- See the list of agencies providing services for renting apartments;

- Get a lot of useful and relevant information being a guest in Belarus (Belarusian ruble exchange rate, the weather in Minsk / Belarus, phone pomochnik the city of Minsk / codes of other cities and much more).

An important part of our job is to monitor and add to the base of new real estate site and tracking the relevance of existing ones. The result of our work is the most complete database of proposals for "an apartment".


Copyright in content and information databases, as well as the selection and arrangement of materials owned by LUKS.BY. Use of material is allowed only with written permission from the administration of LUKS.BY.


For cooperation, please, contact us via Contacts.




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